Emergency Dentist

At Frederick Street Dental Care, we offer private Emergency Dental Care 7 days a week. We understand that in emergency situations, you may be anxious and concerned. Our dentists are highly experienced and skilled in providing Emergency Dental Care professionally and sympathetically. You don’t have to be a registered patient in order to receive Emergency Dental Treatment.

In an emergency immediately call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us. 

Frederick Street Dental Care is one of the few dental clinics in Edinburgh providing dental services 7 days a week, open late on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation that poses an immediate threat to the health of your teeth and supporting tissues. Dental emergencies are caused by trauma to the mouth or infection. If you encounter any type of dental emergency, call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to schedule a same day appointment with us immediately.

What are common Dental Emergencies?

The most common dental emergencies are  Toothache,   Dental Abscess,   Broken Tooth,   Lost Fillings,   Dental Trauma,   Broken Denture,   Wisdom Tooth Pain,   emergency Extractions, Broken Veneer,   Sensitive Teeth,  emergency Root Canal Treatments and Wisdom Tooth Removal.

What Should I do if I have a Dental Emergency in Edinburgh?

Initially, call your own regular dentist as they may have emergency slots and /or advice available. You can also call your Local Emergency Dentist. If you are experiencing difficulty getting an appointment, you can always call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to book an emergency consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

How soon should I be seen?

You should be seen as soon as possible. Our Clinic offers same-day appointments for most conditions during normal business hours and out of hours dentists, so call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to book an appointment.

Can I get an Emergency Dentist appointment in Edinburgh?

Have a dental emergency? Frederick Street Dental Care offers same-day treatments. Whether you are already a patient of ours or you are looking for an emergency dentist, we are here and always welcome you. Call us immediately and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you.

How to find an Urgent Dental Care in Edinburgh?

Need urgent dental care? Frederick Street Dental Care provides Emergency Dental Care 7 days a week. Call now to book an immediate appointment. Our goal is immediate dental treatment and pain relief, so don’t suffer in pain, help is only a call away. Private dental services are available in Edinburgh and generally can deal with most dental emergencies. 

They will be more likely to provide you with an immediate appointment. Private dental services can be recommended by your own dentist, friends or by searching on the internet. A good guide if you want to find an Emergency Dentist near me. To find an Emergency Dentist in Edinburgh, Google is a very good source.

How much Emergency Dentist Cost?

It’s hard for us to give you an exact price without seeing the extent of injuries. A dentist will take your pain/emergency history and carry out a consultation. To determine the cause of issue may require digital X-ray. Then he will discuss treatment options available for dealing with it and always provides you with a full written treatment plan so that you are fully aware of the costs involved with your treatment before any proposed treatment begins. 

This can be complete emergency treatment or temporary emergency treatment that may be followed up by further appointments later if requires. Should you wish to return to your own dentist for the completion of your treatment, you are welcome to do so. We will provide you with a copy of any digital X-rays that we have taken at no additional cost, so that your own dentist can complete the rest of your treatment. 

What to do with a Swollen Face?

A swollen face is one of the most common reasons to seek out an  emergency dentist . Swollen faces can arise very gradually over the course of a day or two, but sometimes can be rapid. It can arise due medications or chemicals, and treatment is dependent upon the cause, and an accurate diagnosis. Swollen faces can cause a lot of anxiety, and left untreated can cause complications. Further help can be found by visiting an  emergency dentist near me

What Painkiller do I need to use for Toothache?

Toothache is one of the most common reasons to see an emergency dentist. It can occur due to multitude of reasons, vary in intensity and duration. Everyone reacts differently to painkillers for dental pain. There are a few over the counter painkillers which are readily available. 

Ibuprofen- this can really help with toothache as it is an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic. It is not advised for asthmatics or people with certain stomach problems.

Paracetamol- This is readily available over the counter and comes in tablet and soluble. Many patients find this effective for dental pain.

Paracetamol and Codeine or Paramol- is combination tablet. The codeine component is an opioid and can cause drowsiness which may impair normal function. It is advised to seek an urgent dental care if you have toothache.

What Should I do if I’m having pain from my wisdom tooth growing in?

Wisdom teeth can become infected when the eruption of the wisdom tooth is blocked by the tooth  in front of it or when food and plaque trap between the wisdom tooth and its overlying gum. Contact your own regular dentist as they may have emergency slots and /or advice available. You can also call your Local Emergency Dentist. While you are waiting for an appointment to see an emergency dentist, pain medication and warm salt water rinses are recommended. If you are experiencing difficulty getting an appointment, you can always call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to book an emergency consultation with one of our  experienced Edinburgh dentists.

Can I smoke after a tooth extraction?

Blood clots are extremely important for recovery, smoking can expel the blood clots that are forming and delay the healing process. It normally takes longer for smokers to heal after any oral surgery.  This is because there is less oxygen in the smoker’s bloodstream. This can also lead to a dry socket.

What is a Dry Socket?

A dry socket is a condition that occurs when there has been abnormal healing or disruption of the clot that naturally forms following dental extraction. It is characterized as a deep-seated pain that starts normally a few days after the dental extraction. It may be accompanied by a bad taste or smell from the wound. It is quite simply an infection of the bone socket. Patients often comment on how this is more painful than the situation prior to the dental extraction.

How to treat Dry Socket?

Treatment of the dry socket is fairly straightforward and consists of removal of any old clot and food remnants, irrigation of the socket with special antiseptics, and placement of an antiseptic dressing. It is advisable to see your dentist or local emergency dentist for urgent dental care. In order to prevent painful dry sockets after extractions, it is recommended to avoid smoking for a minimum of five days. The risk factors include smoking, not the following care of the wound following the extraction, use of the contraceptive pill, and a prior history of dry socket. You are more likely to develop a dry socket if the extraction was particularly difficult or traumatic. 

How to deal with Bleeding after a tooth extraction?

This is a serious dental emergency, especially if it is uncontrollable and after a dental extraction. Call immediately to your Edinburgh dentist to arrange an appointment. You may require suture or special gauze placement to help control the bleeding. If your dentist is closed, follow their out of hours dental emergency advice. You may also find alternative Emergency Dental Care service by searching on the internet and checking other directories for Emergency Dentist near me.

What Should I do if my denture breaks?

Dentures that are cracked or broken count as a dental emergency and should be replaced as soon as possible. Your first port of call should be to call your regular dentist. They may be able to provide you with their own out-of-hours emergency arrangements. If this is not possible, you are welcome to call our private emergency dental service to see if we can help you. Our friendly and experienced team at Emergency Dentist Edinburgh is always happy to help with any denture problems, whether they need to be repaired or replaced. Call us on 0131 629 1158  Email us to schedule your appointment. 

What can I do if my dental crown falls off?

Keep your dental crown safe and bring it with you to our Clinic. Often, we can attach the crown back into place. Sometimes, if the crown is damaged or not fitting correctly, it will need to be replaced. We offer same-day dental care in Edinburgh. Call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to book an appointment.

What happens if I chip a tooth?

If you chip a tooth, several things can happen. A chipped tooth can, cause injury to the tongue, become worse and lead to further breaking and damage a tooth with fillings. To avoid the risk of causing additional damage to your teeth, call your dentist or your local emergency dentist to schedule an appointment.

Does an emergency dentist cost more?

Not normally. The cost of your emergency dental care depends on the treatment you need. At Frederick Street Dental Care, we’ll always provide you the highest level of Urgent Dental Care and offer you the best possible advice and dental treatment options including cost. If you have dental insurance, we’ll provide you with everything you need to make a claim. In order to minimise your cost and treatment, you are well within your rights to ask for the options available and the cost involved.

I have a broken permanent retainer- now what?

Permanent retainers work great to keep your teeth aligned after braces or Invisalign treatment. While convenient and effective, a broken permanent retainer is something that can happen from time to time. If your retainer breaks, most of the time it is not something extremely urgent, however you should reach out your dentist or orthodontist to have it repaired in timely manner. If you wait too long, you may risk some unwanted dental movement. If the wire of permanent retainer starts poking your tongue or bothering you, contact your dentist or orthodontist immediately for an emergency dental treatment. Frederick Street Dental Care provides urgent dental care 7 days a week. Call us on 0131 629 1158 or Email us to schedule an appointment.

Can a tooth still hurt after root canal treatment?

As the local anaesthetic wears off after the root canal treatment, you might experience mild pain and sensitivity. Pain and discomfort after root canal are not uncommon. This is related to cleaning process. This process can lead to bruising around the tooth and causes inflammation and discomfort. Normally, the discomfort subsides within few days and responds well to anti-inflammatory painkiller.  If you develop a swelling immediately after root canal treatment has been done, you need to let your dentist know or to see an emergency dentist. If the pain is arising a few months after the procedure has been completed, this may be an indication of re-infection, in this case it is important to have the tooth assessed.

Do you provide weekend Emergency Dental Services in Edinburgh?

After looking through many sites, despite the advertisements, we found very few options for an emergency dentist open on weekend in Edinburgh. Frederick Street Dental Care has increased morning and evening hours of operation to help our patients with general availability and weekend emergency dental care. We are now open 7 days a week. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call 0131 629 1158 or book an appointment and get the treatment necessary as soon as possible.

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