Broken Denture

Same day denture is the solution when one has lost teeth and needs to quickly replace it or broken their denture and needs an immediate replacement denture as emergency. Broken dentures can have an enormous impact on your life, which is why they are considered a dental emergency.

In an emergency immediately call us on 0131 629 1158 to book an appointment or Book Online.

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Same/Next day Denture

What happens if you break your dentures?

If your dentures break, crack, or chip, visit your dentist or Emergency Dentist as soon as you can. You may be able to get your dentures repaired that same day.  However, in some cases your dentures may need to be sent off to a lab for repair or it may not be repaired and you need new denture.


What causes dentures to break?

Dentures which are too loose or too tight they can break. Dentures that are too loose can move around too much and cause cracks or breaks. On the other hand, dentures that are too tight can crack or break due to the unnecessary pressure. This is due to improper fitting.

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How much does denture repair cost at Emergency Dentist Edinburgh?

The fee for your treatment is determined by number of factors. These may include the difficulty involved in repairing your denture. It is hard for us to give you an exact price without full assessment by one of our experienced dentists. At Emergency Dentist Edinburgh, our experienced dentists will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your denture and determine the need for repair or new denture and will provide you with a full written treatment plan and associated cost.

How long does it take to fix a broken denture?

It depends on the complexity of procedure. Each repair is unique to a specific problem. These repairs can take anywhere from few hours to a week. This is when the part of your denture that touches the soft tissues in your mouth is resurfaced to make it fit more securely. It might also provide more comfort.