Lost Filling/Crown or Veneer

Fillings, crown and veneer can be lost or fracture at any time. In some cases, fillings, crowns, or veneers can partially de-bond and remain in place but allow bacteria to penetrate underneath them and cause rapid decay and infection. For this reason, patients who have lost fillings and crowns, should see an emergency dentist ASAP.


In dental emergency, call us on 0131 629 1158 to book an appointment or Book Online.


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What course of action should be taken for lost fillings, veneers & crowns?

What should I do with chipped tooth?

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What will Emergency Dentist Edinburgh do?

How long will my dental veneer last?

Porcelain veneers usually last between seven to ten years, while composite options last three/ four years at the most. Unfortunately, all patients will need to have the installations replaced at some point in the future.

An effective daily oral health routine is vital to ensuring dental veneers last as long as possible and remain as attractive as they were after the day they were fitted.

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