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Six Month Smiles

Patients worried about the stigma attached to wearing dental braces during adulthood can now benefit from white coloured braces called Six Month Smiles.
Six Month Smiles can reduce orthodontic treatment time to around 6 months. Traditional braces, on the other hand, take around 18-24 months.
What are the benefits of six-month smiles?
The discreet white wires and brackets used in Six Month Smiles provide an aesthetic solution for individuals concerned about the appearance of metal braces. In addition, the gentle nature of the procedure means there will be little pain or discomfort during the treatment.
What does the Six Month Smiles treatment involve?
The six month smiles programme uses advanced technology to move teeth in a manner that is both quick and safe. The treatment focuses on moving the teeth that are in the smile zone, rather than making every single tooth in the mouth straight.
We will see you for a progress review every four to six weeks and you will then receive your new aligners. Each aligner will move your teeth little by little, week by week, until your teeth reach the desired position.
Our cosmetic dentists will begin the treatment by conducting thorough checks on the teeth. These include an extensive range of x-rays, teeth impressions, and photographs.
Once we send your records to America, the six Month Smiles lab technicians custom manufacture all of the brackets and braces needed for your treatment. Following manufacture, our experienced cosmetic dentists will fit the appliance.
If teeth crowding exists. Our dentist will remove very small amounts of enamel from between your teeth to create space. This procedure is called IPR (inter-Proximal Reduction). Rest assured , the process is painless and doesn’t need an aesthetic injection. Patient with more severe teeth crowding problems may have to have tooth remove to ensure optimum results. After the brace fitting , patient will attend monthly appointments for the appliance to be adjusted.
Will the Six Month Smiles treatment hurt?
Similarly to other forms of braces, patient could feel some discomfort when the brace is initially installed. The gentle force used to correct the smile means the teeth are able to move slowly, which is unlikely to cause any severe pain.
During the first week, patients may find that they celebrate more and experience a slight speaking impairment. This normally occurs while the mouth adjust to the braces and should not affect the individuals for more than a few days.

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