Lost Fillings & Crowns

Fillings and crowns can be lost or fracture at any time. In some cases, fillings and crowns can partially de-bond and remain in place but allow bacteria to penetrate underneath them and cause rapid decay and infection. For this reason, patients who have lost fillings and crowns, should see an emergency dentist ASAP.


What Course Of Action Should Be Taken For Lost Fillings & Crowns?

. Individuals who feel their crown or filling has come loose in their mouth should ensure they do not swallow it. The fixture should be placed in a safe place and taken to a dental appointment as it may be possible for a dental professional to simply replace it.

. Using antiseptic mouthwash if a filling or crown has fallen out is an effective way of making sure the area remains clean until treatment can be sought, while some people may have the use of a temporary dental kit that is available from a range of pharmacies.

A Chipped Tooth

. When a tooth becomes chipped it indicates only the outer layer of protective enamel has been damaged. This means the inner pulp of the teeth has not been harmed, therefore  emergency dentistry  is easily avoidable.

. Some image-conscious patients may feel more confident if they attend an appointment with a dental practitioner regardless of the injury to discuss the possibility of receiving some cosmetic treatment.

. Chipped teeth rarely cause pain or sensitivity for the patient and are commonly repaired with composite bonding material.

What Will The Dentist Do?

.Replacing a  Lost Fillings  &  Crowns  is a relatively simple procedure for an  emergency dentist  to carry out, with the practitioner initially clearing any debris from the cavity and check to ensure further decay has not set in.

How Can I Prevent Losing A Filling Or Crown?

. While dentists expect treatments such as  Fillings  and  Crowns  to last around ten years, this depends on the types of materials used to create the fixture, as well as the quality of the substance used to manufacture the implement.

. It is vital for patients to give their fitting or  crown  time to strengthen and the cement to harden, with many dentists recommending that brushing is avoided for the first 24-hours, or that the teeth are cleaned extremely lightly.

. A dental professional will also recommend that certain foods and drinks are consumed for a certain period of time, including items such as soft chewy sweets and crunchy items. However, there is no definitive list of things patients should or should not eat.

. Individuals who have recently had a fillings or  crowns  may find it extremely beneficial to attend their next check-up sooner than predicted in order to ensure the installation is accurately fitted, no pain or discomfort is experienced and the healing process is progressing well.

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