Broken/ Lost Veneer

How Long Will My Dental Veneers Last?

Porcelain fixtures usually last between seven to ten years, while composite options last three/ four years at the most. Unfortunately, all patients will need to have the installations replaced at some point in the future.

Although dental veneers are cemented into place, they can come loose or break off. With broken veneers, patients should keep hold of the veneer and contact an emergency dentist immediately. An effective daily oral health routine is vital to ensuring dental veneers last as long as possible and remain as attractive as they were after the day they were fitted.

What To Do With Broken Veneers?

While the installations are usually extremely durable, patients may find they become chipped, cracked or broken and require urgent attention from a dentist. This is when a number of factors come into play concerning the course of action that will be taken depending on the extent of the issue. The age, type and location within the mouth all need to be considered by a dental professional in order to create a viable solution. Initially, individuals should ensure they visit their dentist as soon as they can if a chip or fissure is noticed on the film, as the longer it is left, the more often the installation will become damaged beyond repair. Wearers are advised to be prepared for the existing fitting to be ground down to make way for a new one. This course of action often requires the use of local anaesthetic – particularly in cases where the veneer was damaged in areas close to the gum line, which could call for more than one visit to the dental practice if a practitioner needs to match the original shade. Some patients may be lucky enough to have their broken fixture repaired in a matter of minutes using light-cured composites, which require a light or laser in order to cement into place.

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